Redwoods and Waterfalls Cycling in Big Basin © Michael Wetter

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Movie: Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America
--Chronicles the life and times of David Brower, the Sierra Club's legendary first Executive Director.
--An avid mountain climber, he led campaigns to protect national parks and other wildlands in the 1950s through the 1990s.
-- He inspired millions of Americans to become environmentalists!

Book: California's Wild Gardens: A Living Legacy
--From the California Native Plant Society (
--If you lived to be 100 and hiked every day throughout California, you couldn't see as many species of wildflowers and different habitats as in this beautiful book. A biodiversity feast for the eyes!

Music: Beethoven's 6th Symphony, the Pastoral
--By Ludwig von Beethoven
--Portions of this symphony, composed two centuries ago, provide the soundtrack for parts of Walt Disney's animated 1940 film, Fantasia. Whether you've seen it or not, hear the entire masterpiece that paints a peaceful rural landscape in music, as a storm moves over it.

Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area means lower temperatures at the coast and hot temperatures inland. Always carry water, and dress in layers, because the day can warm up, then cool off again before sunset. It can be 60 degrees F., windy, and cool on the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time it's 97 degrees F., hot, and no wind at Mount Diablo, just 30 miles inland!

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Back in 1875 logger William Waddell became the San Francisco Bay Area's last man to be killed by a grizzly bear. You can retrace his final steps along the waterway named after him, Waddell Creek, on our Redwoods and Waterfalls Walking (or mountain bike) Tour.

No worries about marauding grizzlies, though -- the Bay Area's last grizzly was shot at Bonny Doon Mountain, only a few miles away from Waddell Creek, in 1886. The grizzly is California's official state animal, seen on the state flag, but it's been extinct in California since the 1920s!

Waddell Creek is also a great place for an easy 2-day backpack trip in the redwoods -- only three miles each way, and no uphill. If you're interested, let us know when you'd like to go.
  Ohlone Indian San Bruno Mtn Wildflowers Walk at

Ohlone Indians San Bruno Mtn Wildflower Walk

Ohlone Indian village sites near San Francisco are revealed on this walk at San Bruno Mountain. See evidence of the Ohlone Indians way of life, and San Francisco wildflowers such as the rare Franciscan Wallflower.

Ohlone Indian Sites, San Francisco Wildflowers

Wildflowers on San Bruno Mountain near San Francisco

  • Ohlone Indian historic villages
  • History hidden in plain view!
  • 100+ native wildflower species
  • A magic mountain so near S.F.
  • 7yrs, 4m/6k, 6hrs
  • $59 USD
  • San Bruno Mountain in Brisbane CA
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San Francisco's Oldest Homes -- 5,000 Years Old!

Ohlone Indians once lived at hundreds of village sites around San Francisco Bay, but nearly all have long since been destroyed by development. On this easy walk, learn how, and why, Ohlone Indians lived here for 5,000 years -- and how San Bruno Mountain Watch saved the sites from bulldozers with help from today's Ohlone Indians. San Bruno Mountain, the largest natural area on the northern San Francisco Peninsula also has hundreds of species of wildflowers, with different species blooming at different times of the year. These are the same species that once lived in San Francisco (most still do, but are rare). Thousands of people drive by the mountain every day on the 101 Freeway, hardly even seeing it.

Meet at: We provide transportation from any location in San Francisco, as well as SFO Airport, and back.

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Keep the Bay Area Beautiful, join Greenbelt Alliance!

If you live in California, join the Greenbelt Alliance. Since 1958, Greenbelt Alliance has been helping citizen groups all around the San Francisco Bay Area to limit sprawl developments and promote liveable, walkable cities. The Bay Area didn't have to be this way. It could have gone the way of Los Angeles. But thanks to the Greenbelt Alliance and its local partners, the Bay Area's hills (and some of its valleys) are still green.

The redwoods were AMAZING! . . . a truly magical experience . . . I felt transported to another world, every step
yielding amazing sights, and
David has so much knowledge
about the flora and fauna
as well as local and national history . . .
I highly recommend David's unique personalised tours . . .
You'll remember it always, I know I will!
Kim H.
Manchester, England

I was thrilled to find
California Nature Tours--
a San Francisco Bay treasure!
My tours to Muir Woods and
Point Reyes National Seashore
were relaxing, educational, and just magnificent.
I highly recommend David Schmidt and California Nature Tours.
You will come away feeling great and knowing you have seen California through the eyes of someone extraordinary.
You will love it!
Ms. G. K.
Washington, D.C.

We really loved your wildflower tour, it was
Beth M., Australia

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
John Muir